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Seven Summits Tour Schröcken 2024.

7 peaks - 48 kilometers - 4,300 meters of altitude - Are you ready?

SAVE THE DATE: 07th September 2024.

Discover the challenge for a good cause!

Are you ready for the Seven Summits Tour? This tour presents the ultimate challenge for any mountaineer. In one day, the 7 border peaks of Schröcken are conquered. It involves conquering 4,300 meters of altitude over a distance of almost 50 kilometers - all for a good cause. The event supports the aid organization ROKPA to help those in most urgent need.

It's not just about time, but above all about endurance when reaching the limits of physical exertion. Are you ready to face this challenge and make a positive contribution? Join the Seven Summits Tour and be part of a moving experience!


Please note that the number of starting positions for the event is limited - first come, first served!

Room reservation.


  • Höferspitze 2,131 m
  • Juppenspitze 2,412 m
  • Mohnenfluh 2,542 m
  • Braunarlspitze 2,649 m
  • Hochberg 2,324 m
  • Rothorn 2,239 m
  • Hochkünzelspitze 2,397 m

Start your tour at the Schröcken Town Hall in Heimboden. From there, the route leads uphill to the Höferspitze, then continues across the Auenfeld to the Juppenspitze and subsequently to the Mohnenfluh. The highest point of the tour is the Braunarl. From there, proceed via the Fürggele to the Hochberg, Schröcken's local mountain, and then onwards to the Rothorn. After passing the Biberacher Hütte, the path leads to the Künzelspitze and finally back to Schröcken, the destination. Experience the beauty of nature and the challenge of the Seven Summits Tour on this impressive route!

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

Rookie Summits Tour Schröcken.

Button Rookie Tour

As a complement to our established Seven Summits Tour Schröcken, we are introducing the "1st Rookie Summits Tour Schröcken" starting this year in 2024. This tour is especially aimed at our "mountain hiking juniors" and beginners of all ages who want to experience the flair of the Summits Tour on a shortened route with one summit. This fulfills a frequently expressed desire.

The route length is 19 km with approximately 1370 meters of ascent and descent. Good physical condition, surefootedness, and mountain suitability are also required for this route. Adequate mountain equipment is mandatory.

Route: Start at Schröcken Town Hall, Alpe Felle, towards Hochgletscher, Fürggele, Hochberg, return to Fürggele, Lagazun, Biberacher Hütte, back to Schröcken via Landsteg.


  • Hochberg 2,324 m

The route follows hiking trails and is marked with the characteristic Summits markings.

Initially, the route leads to Alpe Felle and from there continues southward towards the Hochgletscher. The route then continues westward towards Fürggele. There, the route merges with the original route of the Summits Tour. Next, the path takes the Rookies to the Hochberg at 2324 meters high, the highest point of the tour and also the 5th summit of the grand Seven Summits Tour Schröcken. From here, there is a wonderful view over Schröcken, the Bregenz Forest, and the other tour peaks.

The journey continues to the Biberacher Hütte and then descends to the Bregenzer Ach. From Landsteg along the Ach, it gently ascends back to Schröcken into the beautiful finish area.

Safety / Orientation.
Before the tour starts, there will be a mandatory briefing for all participants.
The entire route, which is 95% on hiking trails, is marked with Summits markings. There are checkpoints and mountain rescue helpers along the route.

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken

  • Seven Summits Tour Schröcken


The Background & ROKPA.

It all started with the question, "How far will our feet carry us?"

Alois Schwarzmann and Pius Bischof, both raised in the region, wondered in the 1950s why no one had yet climbed the impressive peaks around Schröcken in one day. They promptly put their idea into action, devised a route, and managed to conquer all seven peaks in 24 hours. Ten years ago, the adventure of the two Schröckner was revived in the form of the Seven Summits Tour and has taken place every September since. The coveted event has been fully booked every time since.

The proceeds benefit the aid organization ROKPA to support projects in Nepal, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Be part of this inspiring story and experience the fascination of the Seven Summits Tour!

The aid organization ROKPA is active in areas where humanitarian aid is particularly challenging but urgently needed.

Primarily, donations are used to support education, healthcare, nutrition, and livelihoods for the most vulnerable people. For example, in Kathmandu (Nepal), children are taken off the streets, educational programs are organized for single mothers, and warm meals are provided for the homeless.


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